One of the most overlooked aspects of building and one of the most troublesome are drainage solutions. Nearly all cracks in the foundations can be traced back to a lack of drainage.

Our team is skilled in assessing the underlying reasons for slab damage. We can assess for rising damp, and provide precise drainage services to fix the problem and then work on repairing the damage.

All issues to do with rising damp are related to improper drainage issues. Often this can be a result of earlier renovations and provide homeowners with expensive fixes. When preparing your land for build, or when looking to renovate, it is important you assess drainage options and find a specialist who is able to properly install trenches that keep your home safe from rising damp.

Today we are fortunate that we have a drainage standard AS3500.3.1 . Adherence to the standard gives confidence to both contractor and client, our team are able to assist you with expertise and adherence with all relevant Australian Standards.