Tight Access Excavation

REMX digs and removes earth to meet requirements necessary for future works and jobs of all sizes.

Excavation & Demolition

Tight Access Specialist, Mini Machines, Hand Excavation, Demolition, Rock Breaking, Concrete Removal -Under Pinning, Driveways and Pathways, Piering, Footing Removal, Rock and Earth Removal, Land Leveling or Re-shaping.

Under House Space Creator

Rumpus Rooms, Garage Enlargements, Self Contained Apartments, Gymnasiums, Media Rooms, Wine Cellars, Additional Storage Zones.


Agg Lines, Trenches.

Landscape Construction

Turf preparation and laying, Concrete Removal, Leveling, Back Fill, Laying of Slabs, Driveways and Pathways, Plant Removal.


Doors, Windows, Slabs, Chasing Walls, Plumbing and Electrical.